Campervan relocation down under!

Sitting in a hostel in Perth, Australia, the most isolated city in the world, my boyfriend and I decided on the spur of the moment to check out campervan relocations. Back-tracking a little…. we had already rented a campervan from Melbourne to Brisbane and had the time of our lives. Afterwhich, we took our time travelling up to Cairns and then took a flight to Perth.

So there we were in Perth deciding on our next travel move. We were a little aprehensive, but once we found coseats camper relocs we couldn’t believe our eyes! So many options for relocating and at a bargain price of $1-$5 per day. Surely this was too good to be true?!!

My boyfriend and I are quite impulsive travellers, our style is to make it up as we go along, so we put the doubts and fears to one side and I told my boyfriend to “book it asap!!” before somebody else snapped up the amazing deal!!! And that was that, within minutes we had booked a relocation from Perth to Melbourne in a total of 8 days!

When we went to collect our new home on wheels we were pleasantly greeted by a lovely young lady. She showed us the campervan and I couldn’t believe how brand new it was. It was HUGE aswel! It could sleep max 4, but it was just me and my bf, so all the more room for us :). It even came with GPS navigation so we definitely couldn’t get lost.

We had no time to waste and lots of driving ahead so we set off. Stefan said how easy the van was to drive compared to the previous one we had, it was automatic and had cruise control- bliss!

On our way to Esperance we made a little stop at the famous ‘wave rock’. Fantastic place to snap some cool shots and have fun on the rock that resembles a wave! I tried to replicate a surfer and was pretty pleased with the picture outcome!

We camped in the little town of Esperance and woke up in the morning with views of the beautiful turquoise sea. We then hit the road via the scenic ocean road drive, taking in the spectacular beaches.

On our way out of Esperance we were taken by suprise by the lime green salt lakes on the way! I didn’t realise that this part of Australia had so many salt lakes, and they created such beautiful colours due to the different types of algae living in them. Another fabulous picture stop 🙂

Back on the road again and we had a huge drive ahead of us. This was the biggest part of the journey, the longest stretch of straight road in Australia! And again we didn’t miss the picture opportunity with the road sign stating this lol. We were hoping to see some camels along the way too, but unfortunately we didn’t see any 😦 who knew there were wild camels in oz? Im still a little skeptical, but the road signs definately display pictures of camels so i guess ill have to take their word for it! There are however plenty of kangaroos bouncing around. They only come out at dawn and dusk, so it really isn’t wise to be driving at night time. You see plenty of dead kangaroos at the side of the road which is pretty sad. You really have to be careful as they love to jump infront of your vehicle. Luckily stefan is a very good driver so we had no hiccups, but we came to the conclusion that it must be the larger transport trucks flying past which hit them! They often pass you on the road at such a speed the van would literally shake!!

Now onto the most amazing part of our journey, “the great australian bight”!!! It literally is as if someone (a giant) has taken a huge bite out of the southern coast of Australia. It is a sight not to be missed! You literally cannot miss it, once you pass the boarder from WA to SA you don’t have to drive much further before you see the sign posts for the view points dotted along the road. Once out of the van you walk along the path towards the cliff edge. It really looks like the end of the Earth, a massive shear drop into the sea and this breathtaking site goes on for miles. It could be quite dangerous if you go walking next to the edge, but if you stick to the path and viewing platform there are no worries. We were a little naughty though and got slightly closer to the edge for a breathtaking view and picture opportunity, but not too close!

After driving with nothing much around for nearly two days it was refreshing to arrive in the city of Adelaide. We parked up and spent the late afternoon walking around and treated ourselves to an amazing pizza at a gorgeous italian called “pizza e mozzarella bar”. If you like real authentic Italian wood fired pizza, this place does not disappoint! Nom nom.

The Grampians were next on our list and on the road we were surprised by a number of pink lakes heading into the state of Victoria! It was great to be able to stretch our legs and do some walking, taking in the fresh mountain air of the Grampians.

To finish off our amazing van relocation we did the famous Great Ocean Road! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best, but at least we had our cosey campervan to hide in whist the rain passed. We were lucky enough to do a lovely walk to the 12 apostles and the sun came out just in time for another money shot! 🙂

On returning the van, we were a little nervous as we had previously given the company a $1000 dollar bond, but after the guy checked the van he issued the bond back to us straight away, we were made up with this and left with a smile!

What a trip of a lifetime!

You have to be prepared for a lot of driving in a short space of time and you don’t get to spend a long time in one place, but we paid literally nothing for the van! So as a backpacker looking to save on money and extend our travels would we do it again? 1000% yes! If only I would have known about it sooner!